Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend #2 with Uncle Dustin - Legends at Candlestick Park

A few weeks after his last visit, Uncle Dustin came down to celebrate another fun event with us -- Legends at Candlestick Park!  The 49ers football stadium is set to be demolished in a few months, and so they organized one last game between 49ers legends and NFL legends as a way to say farewell to the iconic venue.  We got to watch Jerry Rice and Steve Young take on Dan Marino and a host of former NFL players -- it was a dream come true for these kids of the 80's!

Lindsay and Daddy at Candlestick Park
The Legends take the field!
Newest 49ers Fan
These two were so excited to see their childhood heroes play ball!
This one was just excited for the popcorn... 
And sitting by Uncle Dustin...
And doing the wave. :)
She also fell in love with "49ers Cow".  Yes, that's his official name, no matter how many times we tried to persuade her to name him something different. 
The 49ers won, of course... on a questionable last play where the other team let us run in for a touchdown.  Hey, a win's a win!

We love that Uncle Dustin can come down and visit us so often now!  Time for us to head up to Seattle to visit him!

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